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Bohme | What to Wear for Senior Pictures

What to wear

Bohme – University Mall Orem

LOVE LOVE Bohme!  I send each of my seniors a gift card to go shopping to Bohme when they book a session.  I do not want anyone to stress about what to wear for senior pictures.  About 3 weeks before your sessions we sit down together and have a wardrobe consultation.  This will help us plan all the details of your session.  I sent the gift cards to help you pick up any last minute items.  Anyone can find something at Bohme. Wether thats a shirt, a hat, shoes, or jewelry, there is something that can fit anyones style.  They even have an online shop so my out of state clients can order something as well.  They are on top of what is in style right now and you can always find something unique for you senior pictures, no matter what the season. Together we are a great match when planning your wardrobe.  You don’t have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe for pictures. Sometimes you won’t need anything, sometimes you will want to fill in with a  new outfit, or a couple pieces. Bohme is my go to store for that.

If you have not been into a Bohme location I suggest you do now.  This location at the University Mall in Orem.  Its one of their biggest stores and I swear you can go in each week and there will be new things in stock.  They have multiple locations, 9 in Utah and more throughout other states.


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