Chelsea Peterson Photography » Utah's Top High School Senior Portrait Experience.

Portrait Photography { Jordan – Utah County }

I am happy to add portrait photography to my sessions listed, not just for seniors.  It seems that after senior pictures and wedding day pictures, women rarely get pictures taken of themselves (and I’m not taking about selfies) Why is this? I think there are a few reasons. We don’t like to be in front of the camera because we don’t feel photogenic, or we don’t feel beautiful, or we don’t feel confident enough, or we don’t want to spend the money. WOMEN STOP IT!  You are all beautiful and have so much talent to share and give. When will we start being so hard on ourselves.  We tend to look at ourselves and see every tiny flaw, we dissect our face and our bodies with a magnified glass from the outside in.   My goal with women is to help them see themselves the way other people do.  I get really close and personal when I edit and I see the beauty in you that you don’t always believe.  I hope that when I hand your session back to you you can see that too, and then maybe, just maybe, you’ll start to look at yourself from the inside out and let your beautiful light shine.

This session that I did with Jordan is the first of many I hope will come and choose to pamper yourself. This is not vain, this is fun. Jordan woke up early got her hair and makeup done my the fabulous Courtney.portrait_session_before

Brought a few outfits with her and then we went out and shot for about an hour, and tried to capture Jordan in both a beautiful and fun light.  Jordan doesn’t know just how gorgeous she is, she feel awkward in front of the camera, and likes to pull faces!  Which I love to capture as well!  I love to get the client feeling comfortable and by the end of the session they really don’t want to stop! We even got some great dancing pictures.Blog-Collage-1387215253778Portrait_photography_Utah_County_Jordan

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