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Emily&Tanner_Bridals_2015_125Emily&Tanner_Bridals_2015_147So I’m not going to claim I know a crazy lot about makeup, in fact I really don’t do any of this stuff in my own life.  However I do know what things look better in photographs, so I have learned what to do (in case I ever decided I don’t want to be a cheap lazy make up person).  I am going to direct what I say towards Brides, but some of these things are great for other sessions as well. If you can afford it I would recommend using a professional makeup artist for your wedding day, I have a few choices under my vendor section. Although, if you don’t want to put money towards this, and  you are going to do your own makeup, keep reading for some tips! (however, hiring someone will probably cost as much as buying new makeup).  I must say that I myself, use a hair and makeup artist for my own pictures now and it is SO worth it.

While you everyday makeup might look great walking down the street or out on a date. In photos, makeup gets washed out. So if you put on your regular blush, eye shadow, mascara, it will vanish in pictures. If you go one shade deeper it will show up better. This doesn’t mean just cake on layers and layers of makeup..that wont look great either, but you might want to invest is some new products.  There are some great you tube videos out to help you also.

Also bring your makeup for touching up during pictures!


Seriously!  They might feel funny but they look amazing.  I’m not talking about 2 inch long, or really fuzzy, or sparkly, but something really natural.  One that has different lengths and blends in black and brown colors. False eyelashes accentuate your eyes make them pop in photos.  Even if you think they look… well, fake, they wont in the pictures I promise.  Just practice before the day of though.  There are many fabulous lashes available, so go check them out! Revlon Fantasy Lengths Self-Adhesive Lashes are great, but I always buy the extra glue in case the ‘self adhesive’ doesn’t stay long enough.
Or if you want to spend a little more you can pay for extensions at most any beauty salon.


If you are doing a smokey eye using a brush and makeup particles tend to fall down under your eyes and upper cheek, the try doing your eye makeup BEFORE your foundation.  Also, dark circles?  Despite what we have all thought you should actually start at a darker shade and then work up to a lighter one.  Try using Eve Pearl Trio Concealer.  Also don’t lean to far on either side of too much eye shadow shimmer, or too matte.  Mix them both.   Also, don’t line the entire eye with eye liner, just top and outer edges.  Too much liner will make your eye look smaller.


You don’t want shiny and oily skin in pictures,so use a  matte oil-free foundation. Using a primer first will help your foundation achieve high staying power, will help even out your skin so your foundation glides right on, and will give you a soft, pretty glow instead of showing every tiny imperfection.
Finish dusting  translucent powder over the top.  I love Makeup Forever’s Line of HD Foundation, primer and their finishing powder, there stuff is seriously amazing and looks invisible when you wear it.  Also blending with a brush is the best way to get ride of  harsh lines.


Wear Blush and bronzer, if you opt for just one or the other, your face can look flat in pictures. Startwith bronzer on your cheekbones and around the outside of your face; then, apply blush just to the apples of your cheeks.  There are some great tutorials around pinterest.  If you can find the time to practice well before your pictures I would try!


Even if you’re going for a nude lip, a color that matches your lips will get washed out in your pictures. Go for a color that’s two shades brighter than what you normally wear. It will make a difference. Whatever you decide to use, make sure you also have a gloss to go with your color.

VERY IMPORTANT!  Do your makeup in natural light or you could end up having crazy coloring!  I’ll say it again, Do you make up in natural light,either by a window or one of those nice lamps that creates the natural light coloring.

Seems like a duh.. but its easy to forget with everything else.  It last longer weather you cry or not!


Never, ever wax or use hair removal cream the night before or day of your wedding. Waxing and waxing products make your skin EXTREMELY smooth, sometimes a little too smooth for makeup to adhere properly. Creams can do the same thing and can also potentially burn your skin. If that happens, you’ll need time to go without makeup so that you don’t trap the heat of the burn into your skin and make it worse.What Not To Do…

– DON’T try anything new on the day of your wedding. Make sure to do a trial makeup run and take pictures to see how it will look in photos.
– DON’T add drama to everything. Choose one feature, such as your eyes or your lips, to accentuate and let everything else complement it.
– DON’T go overboard with the fake tan. I’ve seen brides overdo it. They think they look good. They don’t. Your natural skin tone will be the most flattering color for you, whether you want to believe it or not.
– DON’T wear any makeup that makes you feel uncomfortable; your hesitancy will show in your photos. With that being said, not many of us feel comfortable with lots of makeup and fake eyelashes. You can combat your uneasiness by wearing your wedding day makeup out and about for a couple of days to get used to how it feels. Seriously. Do it.

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