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Liza | Salt Lake City Fashion Photography

Meet Liza! I was able to photograph her for a special project called Beauty Revived, which you can find HERE.  Its showing women of any age who represent true beauty. I did a nominated system where I asked for people to nominate someone they thought represented this.

I had to force her hand a little to tell me about herself, she kept turning it around to me and asking about me. I managed to squeeze good stuff out of her though and get to the core what who she is. She just graduated from High School where she was student body president. She is involved in an amazing group called World Joy, which raises money through various fundraisers to build schools in Ghana, Africa. This past spring she went to Abrenya, Ghana to build a library. She is the oldest of eight kids and is attending BYU this fall. She is also an amazing harpist and plays tennis.

Once I got Liza on board with the shoot we had a VERY small window of opportunity to make it happen.  Since she just graduated she had already had time for Senior pictures so I suggested we have a little more fun, do something out of the box and push her comfort zone a little.  This is a girl who feels at home in shorts and a t-shirt and, hair in a pony tail, and bare face. She in comfortable in her own skin and knows she is a woman of worth without having to prove herself to anyone.  I was honored to spend the short while with her and wish her the best in all her future plans.

Inspired by her trip to Africa, I picked a location and style that would be like an African Lion. I know it was weird for her to do a shoot like this, but she pulled it off with a bang.  Then of course we tamed it down and got some more ‘real’ pictures of her just being her!

Liza_SLC_Fahion_Photography_18 Liza_SLC_Fahion_Photography_17 Liza_SLC_Fahion_Photography_16 Liza_SLC_Fahion_Photography_15 Liza_SLC_Fahion_Photography_14 Liza_SLC_Fahion_Photography_13

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