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Home Birth Story

I don’t do many birth stories mostly because they require a lot of waiting time which is hard when you have 3 little children at home. I think birth stories are amazing, it a moment in life where there are so many emotions and to capture that on camera to freeze that moment in time and treasure forever is just fantastic.  I wish I could do more but its just too hard right now.  However, I got the chance this last month.  This was not my usual, this was a home birth, a totally new experience for me.  Baby was in no hurry to come but mom was a trooper.  When the early morning call came for me to come It was only about an hour more till the baby finally arrived.   Mom was fantastic, she made it look so much easier than I know it is, I almost thought hey I could do that…. but I think I’ll stick to my epidurals!

I was also great to stay till the sun came up and capture the family together before I left them to enjoy the new addition!

birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_01 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_02 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_13 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_12 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_03 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_10 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_11 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_04 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_15 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_14 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_05 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_06 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_16 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_07 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_17 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_19 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_18 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_20 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_08 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_21 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_09 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_22

  • Ashlee

    LOVE the picture of the phone and the dad, great angle, and totally cute baby!ReplyCancel

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