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2 Year Anniversary Chelsea Peterson Photography!

2 years ago today, I had never done a photo session before.  My cousin was getting married.  I said, ‘Hey if you want I can do your engagements to save you money.  I’m sure I can produce one decent picture and that’s all you really need.’  But in my head was thinking yeah they wont ask me too.  I was wrong, they said lets do it!…. Gulp, seriously? WHAT?  I was so stinkin’ nervous, I looked at Google images for a week straight trying to get inspiration for my first ever photo session.  When the day came I just tortured the poor kids.  we were out together for 4 HOURS!!!! longest session ever!  I wanted to make sure I got good ones, we started way to early and I really did not know as much as I thought I did!

Then to top it off I had NEVER used Photoshop before, I got it for my b-day 3 days before the session so I actually went to my sisters house to use hers.  I had a cousin teach me some basics to editing that same week and I was off.

After the session I was in love, within a month I had my first paid job, and started my FB page.  Looking back now at these pictures I laugh, I really did not know what I was doing, but I had a confidence in myself that I sometimes lack still today. I have changed so much in a short period of 2 years, even 8 months ago I wasn’t where I am today.  I have had some emotional ups and downs, feeling like I would never get where I wanted to be.  Comparing myself to other photographers.   I finally had to find confidence, not worry about what other photographers were doing, and enjoy the ride.   If I can improve this much in 2 years what will 2 more years bring?  I am so excited to know my end result, but realize that there will never be an end result, I am in an ongoing journey where the possibilities are endless.

I love photography just as much as I did that first day, I still get nervous for shoots, the good kind of nerves.  Just for fun I was able to take my cousins pictures again, 2 years later as a happy anniversary to me present!

Here are some from 2011, my first photo session EVER!  what is up with my burnt edge!?  I see the potential in some 😉


110608_0044-edit-copy 110608_0063 110608_0205-edit-copy110608_0444-edit-copy 110608_0530-edit-copy 110608_0551-edit-copy 110608_0244-edit-copy110608_0601-edit110608_0621-edit110608_0638-edit110608_0641-edit

  SO, 2 years later, have I improved.  I think so.  I am more comfortable in directing people.  More confident that I can get the end result I want.   Loving my equiptment, enjoying each session, and keeping them WAY shorter than 4 hours, what troupers, It was like being a third wheel on their personal date.  I hope that I will do there pictures again to mark another anniversary, maybe get a fat baby in there next time (eh guys?) Here are their recent pictures, 2013




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