W Family Downtown SLC Library

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Feb Mini Session { Family of three}

Feb family of 3

Fall Family Mini Session { Salt Lake City Photography }

Here are some of the pictures from my fall family mini session in November.  Blog-Collage-1387036542861

S Family { Star Mill Utah County }

Utah_County_family_photography_star_mill (1)Utah_County_family_photography_star_mill (2)


J Family { Utah Fall Family Photography – Fall Provo Canyon }

Ah, fall family sessions are just the best! Early fall has the perfect weather, the leaves are just starting to change, dressing in layers, scarves, boots, hot chocolate. FALL is wonderful.  This session was no exception, I just loved this it!  This family is so adorable and just dressed so cute.fall_family_photography_small_family

November Mini Sessions {Wheeler Farm-Utah family photography}

fall mini's (1)This year I decided to try a day of some Family Mini’s for those of you who just need a quick update but not a full session for only $130.  The location will be at Historic Wheeler Farms. Each session is 20 min. You will then have an coded online gallery to view the best pictures from your session and pick your favorite 10 that I will fully edit and give to you with the print rights.fall mini's (3)

The session will included family, children, sibling and couple pictures, then you will get to veiw them online and pick the ones you want me to edit.fall mini's (2)

I do request that the amount is paid by the 1st of November and it is non-refundable unless I cancel because I am hositalized or because of crazy weather. If its cold, or chance of rain or snow, I will still be there to take pictures.


L Family { Star Mill Utah County Family Photographer }

This family was so awesome! I was so honored to have a family be out of town and want me for there pictures when I’m sure they have fabulous photographers where they live. Made me feel so special.  However, that is not the only reason why they are awesome.  Their oldest boy was so kind.  He asked me my name, asked me how many kids I had, if they were boys or girls.  And at the end not only gave me a hug but said “say hi, to your girls for me”  What a sweetie, what 9 year old boy does that!  I noticed that they called his left hand his lucky hand too, just like on Nemo, LOVE IT!  So cute.  I have three girls and I just figured I would have my hands full with 3 boys jumping around but they did splendid, especially since it was SOOOOOO hot that day. I just kept telling them that if they would listen to me we would move so fast, and I would have suckers and dad promised Ice Cream!  They deserved it!  I love how their pictures turned out.L_family1_starmill_utah_family_photographer laker2

S Family 2013 {Provo Lake-Utah County Photographer}

This family is adorable and I am so glad that I get to be their photographer every year!  Their oldest boy has a little JTT thing going on… am I right my generation???  AND Twins? Cute right!  YES totally, and these two are very normal babies who would rather not give me the time of day.  Which makes for a very normal session with any 1 -3 year old involved.  I always think its funny when I get the parents apologizing that they must be the hardest family to take pictures of, because they are always wrong!   Honestly my own kids are probably the hardest for me to take pictures of, which is why I hire a photographer for my own family pictures!


Home Birth Story

I don’t do many birth stories mostly because they require a lot of waiting time which is hard when you have 3 little children at home. I think birth stories are amazing, it a moment in life where there are so many emotions and to capture that on camera to freeze that moment in time and treasure forever is just fantastic.  I wish I could do more but its just too hard right now.  However, I got the chance this last month.  This was not my usual, this was a home birth, a totally new experience for me.  Baby was in no hurry to come but mom was a trooper.  When the early morning call came for me to come It was only about an hour more till the baby finally arrived.   Mom was fantastic, she made it look so much easier than I know it is, I almost thought hey I could do that…. but I think I’ll stick to my epidurals!

I was also great to stay till the sun came up and capture the family together before I left them to enjoy the new addition!

birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_01 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_02 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_13 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_12 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_03 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_10 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_11 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_04 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_15 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_14 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_05 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_06 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_16 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_07 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_17 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_19 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_18 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_20 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_08 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_21 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_09 birthstory_Utah_Photographer_2013_22

B Family 2013

This family is just fantastic!  And I get to be related to them, she is my cousin and we grew up only 1 month apart!  So it only makes sense now that we are both photographers!  Its great because we can share ideas and new found knowledge together, only she lives in GA so its not as fun as it COULD be if we were closer. Their little boy is as old as my youngest girl, and the  two are so cute together….too bad they are cousins.BFamily_Wheeler_Farms_Utah_Photographer2013_01 BFamily_Wheeler_Farms_Utah_Photographer2013_10BFamily_Wheeler_Farms_Utah_Photographer2013_02BFamily_Wheeler_Farms_Utah_Photographer2013_11BFamily_Wheeler_Farms_Utah_Photographer2013_04BFamily_Wheeler_Farms_Utah_Photographer2013_06