Thanksgiving Point Wedding | Utah Wedding Photographer

I love Thanksgiving Point!  Its a more expensive place to take pictures if you are not one of their brides but it is ALWAYS worth it!  There are so many different places to choose from to shoot and its just beautiful.  These two are like best friends and it was an honor to shoot with them.
Thanksgiving_Point_Wedding_01 Thanksgiving_Point_Wedding_02 Thanksgiving_Point_Wedding_03 Thanksgiving_Point_Wedding_04 Thanksgiving_Point_Wedding_05 Thanksgiving_Point_Wedding_06 Thanksgiving_Point_Wedding_07 Thanksgiving_Point_Wedding_08 Thanksgiving_Point_Wedding_09 Thanksgiving_Point_Wedding_10 Thanksgiving_Point_Wedding_11 Thanksgiving_Point_Wedding_12Thanksgiving Point Wedding


Erica & Eric | Salt Lake City Wedding Photography

Erica_Eric_SLC_Wedding_Photography_01 Erica_Eric_SLC_Wedding_Photography_02 Erica_Eric_SLC_Wedding_Photography_03 Erica_Eric_SLC_Wedding_Photography_04 Erica_Eric_SLC_Wedding_Photography_05 Erica_Eric_SLC_Wedding_Photography_06 Erica_Eric_SLC_Wedding_Photography_07 Erica_Eric_SLC_Wedding_Photography_08 Erica_Eric_SLC_Wedding_Photography_09 Erica_Eric_SLC_Wedding_Photography_10 Erica_Eric_SLC_Wedding_Photography_11 Erica_Eric_SLC_Wedding_Photography_12 Erica_Eric_SLC_Wedding_Photography_13 Erica_Eric_SLC_Wedding_Photography_14 Erica_Eric_SLC_Wedding_Photography_15 Erica_Eric_SLC_Wedding_Photography_16 Erica_Eric_SLC_Wedding_Photography_17 Erica_Eric_SLC_Wedding_Photography_18 Erica_Eric_SLC_Wedding_Photography_19 Erica_Eric_SLC_Wedding_Photography_20 Erica_Eric_SLC_Wedding_Photography_21Blog-Collage-1407955635537 Erica_Eric_SLC_Wedding_Photography_23 Erica_Eric_SLC_Wedding_Photography_24 Erica_Eric_SLC_Wedding_Photography_25 Erica_Eric_SLC_Wedding_Photography_26 Erica_Eric_SLC_Wedding_Photography_27

Liza | Salt Lake City Fashion Photography

Meet Liza! I was able to photograph her for a special project called Beauty Revived, which you can find HERE.  Its showing women of any age who represent true beauty. I did a nominated system where I asked for people to nominate someone they thought represented this.

I had to force her hand a little to tell me about herself, she kept turning it around to me and asking about me. I managed to squeeze good stuff out of her though and get to the core what who she is. She just graduated from High School where she was student body president. She is involved in an amazing group called World Joy, which raises money through various fundraisers to build schools in Ghana, Africa. This past spring she went to Abrenya, Ghana to build a library. She is the oldest of eight kids and is attending BYU this fall. She is also an amazing harpist and plays tennis.

Once I got Liza on board with the shoot we had a VERY small window of opportunity to make it happen.  Since she just graduated she had already had time for Senior pictures so I suggested we have a little more fun, do something out of the box and push her comfort zone a little.  This is a girl who feels at home in shorts and a t-shirt and, hair in a pony tail, and bare face. She in comfortable in her own skin and knows she is a woman of worth without having to prove herself to anyone.  I was honored to spend the short while with her and wish her the best in all her future plans.

Inspired by her trip to Africa, I picked a location and style that would be like an African Lion. I know it was weird for her to do a shoot like this, but she pulled it off with a bang.  Then of course we tamed it down and got some more ‘real’ pictures of her just being her!

Liza_SLC_Fahion_Photography_18 Liza_SLC_Fahion_Photography_17 Liza_SLC_Fahion_Photography_16 Liza_SLC_Fahion_Photography_15 Liza_SLC_Fahion_Photography_14 Liza_SLC_Fahion_Photography_13

Jessica & Brad | North Salt Lake Bridal Photography

Jessica and Brad had the adorable S’more engagement session located HERE. They did not come any less ready to rock their shoot for their bridals.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE her dress, Its like the newer version of mine 9 years ago, and I LOVE it! The flowy bottom, the little detail in the belt, it was gorgeous. Jessica and Brad are completely in love.  He was so nervous for the first look, and when he saw her his eyes just LIT up and at that moment she was the most beautiful girl in the world.

Dress: The Perfect Dress
Bouquet: The Rose Shop
Suit: Jos A. Bank

Jessica_Brad_SLC_Bridal_Photography_01Jessica_Brad_SLC_Bridal_Photography_02 Jessica_Brad_SLC_Bridal_Photography_04Jessica_Brad_SLC_Bridal_Photography_05Jessica_Brad_SLC_Bridal_Photography_03Jessica_Brad_SLC_Bridal_Photography_07Jessica_Brad_SLC_Bridal_Photography_06Jessica_Brad_SLC_Bridal_Photography_09Jessica_Brad_SLC_Bridal_Photography_10Jessica_Brad_SLC_Bridal_Photography_08 Jessica_Brad_SLC_Bridal_Photography_11 Jessica_Brad_SLC_Bridal_Photography_12

Jeannette | Salt Lake City Senior Photography

Jeannette is a gorgeous senior inside and out, she made the session so easy because she has a very relaxed personality and was very go with the flow, even when I tell her to do weird crazy things for a shot, she never once gave me that, what do you want me to do look?  She trusted me and because of that we got some great shots.  She just graduated in 2014 and is attending the University of Pennsylvania this fall.  I wish her luck on all her future adventures!

Beauty Revived | High School Senior Photography

I am so excited to be part of Beauty Revived for High School Senior Girls.  Beauty Revived is a nation search for women who are truly beautiful inside and out.  This times its all about Seniors!  I want YOU to help me find a Senior girl in Utah who lets her amazing light shine. Someone who has been through trials in life that only make her better because of it.  People may know or not know about her struggles because she doesn’t let them pull her down but only allows them to shape who she is despite them.  Who looks fear in the eye and stands up for what she believes in.  I know they are out there but I need YOUR help to find them.

Beauty_revived_photographer_07I love working with seniors, their energy and joy for life is so always full of fun and laughter. Belting songs and dance moves in the car with their friends, late weekend night, the stress of homework as you prepare for college.  Getting that first kiss. Parents waiting up for you to make sure you safe back home again after those weekend dates that Dad isn’t too excited about. I love it all, but I am very excited to find a girl who has endured maybe a little more struggles than some others, who has seen some heartbreak that no one wants a little girl to deal with.  Yet this girl, despite all of that, can somehow manage to still bring light to the world around her, who can brighten the room just by walking in.  She treats other with kindness and serves them.  That is a beautiful girl!


This girl will a senior session complete with Hair and Makeup, gift card to a local clothing store, and help on wardrobe styling as well.  We are going to have a blast and just enjoy ourselves and hopefully it will be an experience like none other for her up to this point!


Nominations are only accepted till August 30th so get them in ASAP!

beauty_revived_photographer_04 High School Senior Photography

Utah Wedding Photographer | Evolving Workshop

I attending a workshop with Abbey Kyhl, the photographer and owner of Abbey Kyhl Photography.  Its called the Evolving Workshop, because as photographers we are always evolving and learning new ways to grow, run our business, and even our families for some of us.

I love to photograph people.  The moment I did my first session I was in love.  It fulfills my creative outlet. Yet there can be some challenges.  I am a mother of 3 girls and sometimes It can be tricky to run a business well and still be a mom.  The other problem I faced was wanting to specialize but I wasn’t sure how to get the clients I wanted.  I went to this workshop with a firm purpose in mind, to figure out how to reach the clients I want, and to run an effective business.   This workshop did that for me, and more, I am crazy excited to start giving my clients great connection and my family the time they deserve as well.  I knew going in that this workshop was what I needed for my business but I didn’t expect to fell the personal uplift as well. I am a good mom, and I can be an even better one AND, run a successful business.  I have so many exciting changes to make for me, my business, and my clients.  If you are a photographer (no matter what subject you specialize in) this is the best workshop for your business. HANDS DOWN!


There are SO MANY workshops these days and it can be very overwhelming to  beginning photographers.  I have decided that I want to go to some event each year that will help me grow my business, so I am very picky about which ones I choose to attend.  This year I wanted a workshop that centered around my business growth, not as much the artistic side.  I asked a couple friends business questions and my friend Jacki just said Abbey Kyhl’s workshop is the bets thing to ever happen to my business!  So I started looking into it, joined her AK crew on Facebook, and  found out she was doing her next one 5 min from my house. It was fate.

Don’t let the pictures fool you, we spent most our days inside asking questions and writing notes, and gushing about all the things we can change or add to grow, and all the fun swag we got as well!


Now we can’t just do a workshop about photography and not shoot right?  Abbey hooked up a beautiful session at Thanksgiving point, with some her her fantastic brides and vendors.  She has the sweetest most beautiful couples, take a peek here.

Vendor List:

Thankgiving Point
Jacki Miller Photo & Design 
Alex Crabtree Hair and Makeup 
Something Vintage Something Blue
Mark Keysor Videography 
Sugar Patch Cakes



Mechaella | Salt Lake City Bridal photography

Mechaella told me before her session that she feels awkward photographing without other people and would need help… ummmm yeah, I don’t think she had a problem! This girl is killer gorgeous and her handsome groom is in for a world of surprise today (their wedding day) when he finally gets to see just how amazing she looks.  Their wedding day is going to be phenomenal!MechaellaSLC_Utah_Bridal_Photography_01 MechaellaSLC_Utah_Bridal_Photography_02 MechaellaSLC_Utah_Bridal_Photography_03 MechaellaSLC_Utah_Bridal_Photography_04 MechaellaSLC_Utah_Bridal_Photography_05 MechaellaSLC_Utah_Bridal_Photography_06 MechaellaSLC_Utah_Bridal_Photography_07 MechaellaSLC_Utah_Bridal_Photography_08 MechaellaSLC_Utah_Bridal_Photography_09 MechaellaSLC_Utah_Bridal_Photography_10 MechaellaSLC_Utah_Bridal_Photography_11 MechaellaSLC_Utah_Bridal_Photography_12 MechaellaSLC_Utah_Bridal_Photography_15MechaellaSLC_Utah_Bridal_Photography_13MechaellaSLC_Utah_Bridal_Photography_14

Fashion Photography | Hut no 8 Utah

I had the opportunity to do a shoot for the local fashion exchange store, Hut no. 8.  Although fashion photography isn’t really my thing it was fun to just kick back and have a good time with the models and even make some posters for the store. Hair and Makeup was by Courtney and KandaceHutno8_Portraits_Fashion_Photography_2014_01 Hutno8_Portraits_Fashion_Photography_2014_02 Hutno8_Portraits_Fashion_Photography_2014_03 Hutno8_Portraits_Fashion_Photography_2014_04Hutno8_Portraits_Fashion_Photography_2014_06Hutno8_Portraits_Fashion_Photography_2014_05 Hutno8_Portraits_Fashion_Photography_2014_07 Hutno8_Portraits_Fashion_Photography_2014_08 Hutno8_Portraits_Fashion_Photography_2014_09 Hutno8_Portraits_Fashion_Photography_2014_10 Hutno8_Portraits_Fashion_Photography_2014_11 Hutno8_Portraits_Fashion_Photography_2014_12 Hutno8_Portraits_Fashion_Photography_2014_13 Hutno8_Portraits_Fashion_Photography_2014_14 Hutno8_Portraits_Fashion_Photography_2014_15hut-no-8{

Cole | Salt Lake City Senior Photography

Cole_WoodsCross_HighSchool_Senior_2014_01 Cole_WoodsCross_HighSchool_Senior_2014_09Cole_WoodsCross_HighSchool_Senior_2014_07Cole_WoodsCross_HighSchool_Senior_2014_08Cole_WoodsCross_HighSchool_Senior_2014_10Cole_WoodsCross_HighSchool_Senior_2014_06Cole_WoodsCross_HighSchool_Senior_2014_05Cole_WoodsCross_HighSchool_Senior_2014_04Cole_WoodsCross_HighSchool_Senior_2014_03Cole_WoodsCross_HighSchool_Senior_2014_02Cole_WoodsCross_HighSchool_Senior_2014_02