Velour Music Hall { Utah Portrait Photography }

I had the opportunity to mentor with the fabulous Camilla Binks.  It was the most amazing session, and she is just the humblest and kindest women ever!   I can’t even begin to describe how great the session was.  I was so excited and so nervous.  I am way more take charge in my own sessions but once I got around Camilla I was so nervous and start struck!  But I will keep at the great details to myself since although I find them fascinating, I’m sure you don’t want to hear me ramble on and on. I wanted to start taking my photography to some new levels and during this session I was able get hands on chance with the flash.  This location was a dream, and I can’t wait to shoot there again.  I am so excited for this next year and where I can take my photography.  I love the moodiness that this room brings, and think it would be fun to shoot some senior sessions here!


November Mini Sessions {Wheeler Farm-Utah family photography}

fall mini's (1)This year I decided to try a day of some Family Mini’s for those of you who just need a quick update but not a full session for only $130.  The location will be at Historic Wheeler Farms. Each session is 20 min. You will then have an coded online gallery to view the best pictures from your session and pick your favorite 10 that I will fully edit and give to you with the print rights.fall mini's (3)

The session will included family, children, sibling and couple pictures, then you will get to veiw them online and pick the ones you want me to edit.fall mini's (2)

I do request that the amount is paid by the 1st of November and it is non-refundable unless I cancel because I am hositalized or because of crazy weather. If its cold, or chance of rain or snow, I will still be there to take pictures.


Back to School Pictures { North Salt Lake Photography }

Back to school is here.  Today I sent my big girl off to here first day of 1st grade.  Her first year going ALL DAY!  I am so excited for her, but sad to have my big helper gone most the day.  I have a feeling I wont get as much done anymore.  Last week I took her out for her back to school photo session.Back2school_2013


When I saw Fotostrap I knew that I had to have one!  I fell in love with the James on first site! I had been shopping around the cute patterned straps for a while but none of them grabbed me enough.  Sure they are some that I would switch out for special occasions but I am a more basic gal when it comes down to it.  So when I stumbled upon Fotostrap I new right then I had to  have it.


 Not only are they comfortable and my style, but I could also monogram my logo right on the shoulder strap!


But wait there is more!  Fotostrap is the strap that gives back!  10% of every sale goes back into Fotolanthropy.  Fotolanthropy is a nonprofit organization that unites photographers and videographers to come together and capture inspiring true stories of people and families and people all over who have overcome adversity. Fotolanthropy seeks to be a hub for all through the power of storytelling. With each story, Fotolanthropy gives each recipient a portrait session with digital images, as well as a platform for them to share their story. Fotolanthropy also chooses about 5 stories to make into documentary films each year.  You can nominate someone for a story HERE.


Also I am happy to say that at the end of Sept one of my followers will get the chance to win their very own Fotostraps!  So keep your eyes open for that really fun giveaway! If you just can’t wait you can click on my side bar link to get yours now!


D & K Bridals {Antique Fire Truck-Utah County Wedding photographer}

How much fun is this session!  This couple is so cute, and so easy to laugh.  I am so excited to be posting these finally!  Can’t wait till I finish the wedding pictures.  When they first told me that they wanted pictures with a fire truck I was thinking ‘how am I going to go about this one to make it awesome?”  When I drove past one of my favorite locations and saw they had an antique firetruck….. I KNEW!  I texted them immediately with pictures and said come check this out.  I was so happy that they went with it because they turned out so fun and we had the best lighting we could ask for!
Firetruck_Bridals_utah_wedding_photographer Firetruck_bridals2_utah_wedding_photographer

L Family { Star Mill Utah County Family Photographer }

This family was so awesome! I was so honored to have a family be out of town and want me for there pictures when I’m sure they have fabulous photographers where they live. Made me feel so special.  However, that is not the only reason why they are awesome.  Their oldest boy was so kind.  He asked me my name, asked me how many kids I had, if they were boys or girls.  And at the end not only gave me a hug but said “say hi, to your girls for me”  What a sweetie, what 9 year old boy does that!  I noticed that they called his left hand his lucky hand too, just like on Nemo, LOVE IT!  So cute.  I have three girls and I just figured I would have my hands full with 3 boys jumping around but they did splendid, especially since it was SOOOOOO hot that day. I just kept telling them that if they would listen to me we would move so fast, and I would have suckers and dad promised Ice Cream!  They deserved it!  I love how their pictures turned out.L_family1_starmill_utah_family_photographer laker2

Chelsea Peterson Photography Branding

My look has come a long way since a DVD with your name written in sharpie.  I’m sure it can only get better but for now I love have. I hope that when people get my package in the mail they feel excitement to open it up and view the images that capture moments in time.

If you are a HS senior, or getting married your USB case with be personalized with your picture on the outside making even that much more unique to you.

A Huge thank you to Ashlee from Topsy Turvy for making my vision come to life with her design!

S Family 2013 {Provo Lake-Utah County Photographer}

This family is adorable and I am so glad that I get to be their photographer every year!  Their oldest boy has a little JTT thing going on… am I right my generation???  AND Twins? Cute right!  YES totally, and these two are very normal babies who would rather not give me the time of day.  Which makes for a very normal session with any 1 -3 year old involved.  I always think its funny when I get the parents apologizing that they must be the hardest family to take pictures of, because they are always wrong!   Honestly my own kids are probably the hardest for me to take pictures of, which is why I hire a photographer for my own family pictures!


Miss K. One Year Cake Smash {Utah child photographer}

This is MY precious baby.  My little chunky monkey.  It was only fate that she would be my best cake smash session.  She seriously TORE into it without hesitation.  She LOVED it.  I can’t believe she is one.  The time has gone by WAY to fast.MissK_Cakesmash_utahphotographer

Red, White and Blue Party {Utah Party and Child Photographer}

This last sunday it was my chubby monkey’s birthday.  Miss K is one now!  Since her birthday is in July I wanted to do it all red, white and blue…. oh and chalkboards! I don’t know why I couldn’t get a nice smile out of her, only squinty, crinkled noses!  I sure love her!

Smash Cake:  Topsy Turvy Cakes

Fry boxes: Pick Your Plum

Mini Chalkboards: Pick your Plum

Cupcake wraps: DIY Pattern found Hello My Sweet

All other paper goods and food I either made or bought.

Cupcake recipe with marshmallow frosting: I’m Topsy Turvy

No Bake Cheesecake Recipe (I used white cake mix & topped with Strawberries) : I’m Topsy Turvy

Red_white-Blue_party_utah_photographerRed_White_Blue_Party_Utahphotographer_2013_12 Red_White_Blue_Party_Utahphotographer_2013_13