Utah Wedding Photographer | Jessica & Brad – Engagements

This session was so much fun. I love when couples want to put a little extra personality into their session. Roasting S’mores up in the canyon is such a cute way to show of the time they like to spend together.  I can’t wait for their wedding this month, and I know they can’t!
Utah_Engagements_AFcanyon_06Utah_Engagements_AFcanyon_01Utah_Engagements_AFcanyon_02Utah_Engagements_AFcanyon_03Utah_Engagements_AFcanyon_04Utah_Engagements_AFcanyon_05Utah_Engagements_AFcanyon_08 Utah_Engagements_AFcanyon_07Utah_Engagements_AFcanyon_09 Utah_Engagements_AFcanyon_10 Utah_Engagements_AFcanyon_11 Utah_Engagements_AFcanyon_12 Utah_Engagements_AFcanyon_13 Utah_Engagements_AFcanyon_14

Utah Wedding Photographer | Mechaella and Steve – Engagements

These two are absouluting adorable together, and I am so excited for their wedding!   She specifically wanted a shot kissing in the water, and I think they nailed it.  Also, can I just steal her hair?
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Utah Senior Photographer | Allison – 2015 Rep

I loved this session! Allison is a beautiful girl, inside and out. I look forward to the next year with her as one of my Senior Reps.

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Utah Wedding Photographer {Erica and Eric Bridals}

Loved these first two pictures so much, gorgeous light, beautiful people!  Erica and Eric were such a joy to be around and I was lucky to be their wedding photographer. This was there Bridal session, and there wedding will come soon.
Spring_SLC_Wedding_Photography_2014_01 Spring_SLC_Wedding_Photography_2014_02 Spring_SLC_Wedding_Photography_2014_03 Spring_SLC_Wedding_Photography_2014_04 Spring_SLC_Wedding_Photography_2014_05 Spring_SLC_Wedding_Photography_2014_06 Spring_SLC_Wedding_Photography_2014_07 Spring_SLC_Wedding_Photography_2014_08 Spring_SLC_Wedding_Photography_2014_10 Spring_SLC_Wedding_Photography_2014_09Spring_SLC_Wedding_Photography_2014_11 Spring_SLC_Wedding_Photography_2014_12 Spring_SLC_Wedding_Photography_2014_13

Utah Senior Pictures {Rachel – Herriman High School)

Rachel is one of my gorgeous senior Reps for the class of 2015!  She is just stunning and made my job easy, she is also Senior Class president for her High school as well, way to go Rachel!  It was CRAZY windy that day, and with her amazing long hair we all but had to plaster it down!  For the first 30 min we had to find creative ways to hold her hair and still look good, but she handled it like a pro and we still managed to get some great images with her. I would love to shoot with her again under better weather circumstances for sure!Senior_Pictures_Herriman2014_01 Senior_Pictures_Herriman2014_02 Senior_Pictures_Herriman2014_03Senior_Pictures_Herriman2014_04 Senior_Pictures_Herriman2014_05 Senior_Pictures_Herriman2014_06 Senior_Pictures_Herriman2014_07 Senior_Pictures_Herriman2014_08 Senior_Pictures_Herriman2014_09 Senior_Pictures_Herriman2014_10 Senior_Pictures_Herriman2014_11 Senior_Pictures_Herriman2014_12 Senior_Pictures_Herriman2014_13 Senior_Pictures_Herriman2014_14Senior_Pictures_Herriman2014_15

Utah Wedding Photography |SLC Engagements – Erica and Eric

Erica and Eric! You should have seen me while directing them around, I would Erica uh…. and Erica would look, it was humorous! This couple is absolutely adorable and I can’t wait to post their wedding day pictures!Engagement_Photography_E&E2014_01 Engagement_Photography_E&E2014_02 Engagement_Photography_E&E2014_03 Engagement_Photography_E&E2014_04 Engagement_Photography_E&E2014_05 Engagement_Photography_E&E2014_06 Engagement_Photography_E&E2014_07 Engagement_Photography_E&E2014_08 Engagement_Photography_E&E2014_09 Engagement_Photography_E&E2014_11 Engagement_Photography_E&E2014_10Engagement_Photography_E&E2014_12 Engagement_Photography_E&E2014_14 Engagement_Photography_E&E2014_13Engagement_Photography_E&E2014_15

Missionary Photography | Jordan – Class of 2014

This young man just graduated High School and leaves for a 2 year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in August!  Not to mention his mama was my babysitter when I was a cute little thing! Congrats Jordan, good luck.  For Young adults wanting a missionary photography session I suggest my portrait session as a good alternative to a longer regular session.  Missionary-photography Missionary_Photography_Jordan2014_02 Missionary_Photography_Jordan2014_03 Missionary_Photography_Jordan2014_04 Missionary_Photography_Jordan2014_05 Missionary_Photography_Jordan2014_06 Missionary_Photography_Jordan2014_07 Missionary_Photography_Jordan2014_08

Preview Erica and Eric |Salt Lake City Bridal Photography

So excited to edit this lovely session!140417_3323-copy

Utah Wedding Photography | Corinne and Jason Bridals


Senior Rep 2015

Do you want to be my senior Rep 2015? This year I am so excited to do high school seniors.  To get it started I am looking for 3 high school seniors (class of 2015) to be my representatives.  What does being a senior rep mean, what do they do?  I will give you rep cards (cards with your pictures and my information) to pass out to all your friends, I expect you post pictures from your session on social media and always link to me.  The session are so much fun and I love getting to know my seniors.

Senior Rep Blog Post

1-You must be currently a HS junior, graduating Class of 2015
2-You agree to promote Chelsea Peterson Photography
3-You need to be outgoing and well connected in social media
4-Show me you want it! Follow me on Instagram, FB, twitter, re-post my Senior rep picture,  tag me @cbpphotography and use #chelseapetersonphotography and #utahsenior
The more you are posting on social media about it, the more I know you want it!  I am watching!  Make sure your are not private for the week or I will not be able to view anything you are posting using the hashtags.

5- Contact me at I need your Name, High School, and social media handles, address, little bio about you, what you’re involved in, and why you want to be a Rep! The more you stand out the better chance you have! Make it good.

Ends Monday March 17th.  Then I will pick winners! Sessions will take place in May.