About Me

Hey, I’m Chelsea.


As I try to write this, all I can think is how much I hate to talk about myself, yet I can never seem to stop talking! I don’t know if I stopped talking until the day my first child was born. Now she can out-talk even me, and as a result I have quieted to an almost normal amount.  In my family I am the youngest of 3 girls, I attended BYU- Idaho, got married in 2005, and now have 3 girls of my own.  My family is my life.  When I got married I thought I married my best friend but we are better friends than ever before.  My children constantly teach me about life and patience, and are a true gift even on the toughest days.


My mother is the most amazing creative woman and passed much of that on to me so I give her full credit for any artistic ability I have.  For the most part I have dabbled in everything crafty, but have always had a secret interest in Photography.  I never thought I could actually ever do it, but my husband pushed me in the right direction when he bought me my first decent camera.  He might be regretting it now, but I am loving every minute!


I am an available light photographer, meaning I take what is given, indoors or outdoors, yet I do prefer natural light.  I like to keep things as simple as possible, my gear, my pricing, locations.  However my main priority is to give you a great experience so that you will keep coming back for many life changing opportunities, babies, birthdays, baptisms, senior pictures, missions, weddings, and those Christmas cards!

I can’t seem to get enough photography, but because I am a mamma, I do limit the amount of sessions I take. I find so much joy, excitement, and nerves at every shoot.  By the time I hand over the completed work I am so excited for the next.  I can’t seem to get enough, and I’m ready for yours! You can contact me HERE!