S Family {Provo Canyon}

How cute is this family?  I know, so cute right!!!  They were going to bring there dog but forgot him last minute, that would have been an interesting first for me!  But they really are beautiful! 

Soda Row with S Family

This family was so cute.  The interaction together could just melt your heart! I kept calling the baby boy by daddy’s name so we had some good laughs together after multiple times of my baby talking dad!   Such a great family!


W Family

Pumpkin Patch Mini Session


S Family

I LOVE this family!  I knew her, my husband knew him…. it took one get together and they were hooked!  I would like to take full credit but OBVIOUSLY I can’t make someone else fall in love! Now look! They have a beautiful family!  I got the pleasure of taking their family pictures!  They are so cute!  Love you guys!  The older boy after each picture would say!  OKAY lets go to a new spot!  He was in a big hurry to climb a certain tree with Dad!

Sprinkle Cake Smash