Back 2 School 2012

This year I did some back to school mini sessions for kids only!  It was SO MUCH FUN!  I will be doing this every year for sure!  The kids were so cute and fun.  I love how kids pose themselves after you try to give them direction, it makes for the best pictures.  Children are so much fun to work with, especially one on one.

Miss K is 1 month!

Mom nd Baby PhotographyMy baby is 1 month old today!  Im going to be taking pictures everymonth on her birthday for a year in the same hat and shirt! These are the colors in her nursery so we will match to hang on the wall!  Love her precious face!Mom and Baby Kissing photographyMom and Baby PicturesMom and Baby 1 month Photography1 month baby photography

Miss K

My little sweet baby girl is almost 1 month!  I took these pictures when she as just under 2 weeks old before she starts getting too chubby since all she wants to do is eat!  I wasn’t sure how she would do for her pictures since mom was the photographer and the mom, but Grandma was there and did most the hard stuff, like getting pooped on, and wet on, and putting her to sleep.  I just had to nurse and take pictures!  She did well and we got some cute pictures!baby girl in suitcasenewborn in Red tutunewborn with siblingsnewborn in pink wrapnewborn in suitcasenewborn in wrapsmiling newbornnewborn and siblingsprincess and the peanewborn claspping handsnewborn princess and the pea picturesisters photographynewborn baby in basket photographynewborn and sibling photographynewborn in pink wrapnewborn and sister photographysisters piled on eachother with newborn photography

M&M Wedding Day

Finally finished the wedding!  It was fun showing up early to be there when they were getting all ready and listen to girl talk with mom and friends!  Such a fun part of the wedding.  I was so excited and nervous all at the same time.  The wedding was fun and relaxed and I just love the way that they look at each other.  You can tell they are so in love and so excited to start a life together.  Then we got to do Bridals/groomals before the reception which I enjoy the most, just time with the couple.  We only had about an hour and there was another wedding party comming in to the location anyway, so we were a little cramped on time, but once again they were stress free and just trusted me.

The reception I was so nervous for becuase it was in a windowless church cultural hall and I had little experience with the flash, so I was constantly experimenting with the colors and no flash vs flash.  But they were a way easy going family and so relaxed.  I was able to just following the bride and take pictures of the guest comming in because there wasn’t too many specific things that needed my attention.  It was the perfect way to get my first wedding and a great learning experience.

My best wishes to the happy couple and hope this first month of marriage has been wonderful!