Mommy’s Coercion

I just couldn’t help but share these pictures.  Mom’s always want a great picture of there kids, but its always smart to keep your cool because I promise it never helps to get frustrated or mad at them when they don’t want to cooperate with the camera.  We can usually get the shot we want with the right kinds of bribes.  I personally will just hang a picture with the crying kid right on the wall if that’s all I can get, because its true to life.  But its pretty rare to not get a least ONE SHOT, and that is all we really need!  These pictures are so great check it out!

He’s thinking: If I can’t see her she cant see me right?

Mom steps in with some gentle pleading.

Then a little bribery

Hmmm is this worth it?

Whatever you do man don’t laugh at the crazy camera lady

Then the shot!

M&M Engagements

GUESS WHAT?!  I booked my first wedding!  YEAH, these are some of the engagements and the wedding is in like 6 weeks!  So excited for the experience!  This couple is super nice and so excited to get married!  I hope I can make there memories last forever with some great pictures of this big day!


E’s 6 month

This is my little nephew!  He is such a doll and AWLAYS happy!  Its so easy to get him to smile.  He is growing so fast and almost didn’t fit this pants to take the pictures so we had to squeeze him in one last time for this cute little newsie picture!  How can you NOT resist this little guy on the tracks!  I think this little guy will have more pictures of him than any of his siblings and he is number 5!