Baby J

Cute little baby boy!  He was a pretty good sport overall, but you could tell once he was done and wanted to be left alone!  I have yet to get pooped or wet on but he did manage to soil most of the blankets we used!  He is so pretty and just a doll to take pictures of.




M Family Pictures

This was a new location for me, and I loved it!  So excited to take some more around here! These kids were so cute and very talkative.  They would share their own ideas of what they thought was a good picture.  It reminded me of my own little girl who thinks that her poses are WAY better than mine!  The youngest was the only one not really in the mood for pictures but thats kind of how it always is when you are 3 and under so Im pretty used to that.  Even the husband was a great sport, and the mama is a fellow photographer and I can’t wait till she has her website up and running! 

Sibling Session

This was so fun for me because this was the oldest sisters idea for a mothers day present.  How awesome is that!  They book without their parents and had a way cute sibling session just to surprise her!  I love it!  The kids were SO good to and so nice, they must really love their big sister!

1 Year Pictures/ First Cake Smash

This little girl just turned one and I got to do my first Cake smash!  When I first showed up I couldn’t look at her without her crying, and I was nervous that it wasn’t going to go very well.  She warmed up and put on quite the show for everyone, maybe because my face was behind the camera so she didn’t have to look at me so much, or maybe because she realized that I brought the cake she was going to get to eat!  But this little girl was adorable!  One the cake smash came around she did not hesitate to get in there.  She really just wanted to lick the frosting and put her feet all in it!

My sister is a cake decorator and we have teamed up to do cake smashes together.  For an added cost she will make you a precious cake for you little one to smash at our session! ALSO, if you want a cute 12×12 collage (like the one pictured below) I can do that for just $5!


Little Girl with Sunglasseslittle girl black and white with blue eyes1 Year Old Cake Smash