Baby M

Sweet baby girl!  She was not too happy about me moving her constantly and wanted me to just let her sleep, but she really did very well.  Except for one shot she would eventually go back to sleep in every pose after cry for a little bit and pretending that she wanted mom to feed her hoping it would get her out of pictures!  She even did GREAT in the cacoon, a thing which I can only imagine in not fun to be in but she was awake and fine the whole time!  This gets me excited to have my own little girl in July!  I wasn’t doing photography with my other two and so now I get to have unlimited cute pictures of the next one!








Birth Story

This birth story ends a little early.  She was not the type to want the actual labor photographed, so after taking all these before pictures I sat in the waiting room to run in once the baby was there and snap some cute pictures of the little guy with his new family.  Unfortunately he stopped breathing after the birth and they had to rush him out to stabilize and monitor him.  This is not a fun situation for any family and my heart goes out to them.  The good news is he is doing well from the news I have heard and I’m hoping he will get to go home with his family this weekend.  Maybe you’ll see some newborn pictures of the cute guy here soon.   I know his parents love him dearly and he will be wonderful addition to the home.  I love you Merideth and Landon!

Baby S. 6 month pictures!

I did this boy’s newborns and I can’t belive that he is already 6 months!  He has taken to the camera nicely.  He slept through his entire newborns and didn’t make a fuss this time either!  6 months is a great age because they are smily and sitting and they can’t crawl off set!  In no time I will be taking his one year and I’ll have a baby of my own, time fly’s.  Check out these cute pictures, you can never have enough picture of your precious little ones!  Baby with red truck

6 month boy

Baby with baseball

Baby with RED truck

happy 6 month baby boy

John Deere Cupcake Pops

I am kind of a freak when it comes to weird holidays, such as groundhogs days.  So it is no suprise to people who know me best that I celebrate John Deere’s birthday.  Usually by myself, in a very insignificant way, but I never forget it.  I have a friend who also has a love for John Deere, so when we are together we typically go a little crazy on February 7th, making t-shirts and breakfast, and going to John Deere stores.  But this year with us both being pregnant, I just made some cupcake pops with my daughter (who was very confused as to WHY we were having a birthday for a dead guy) and took them over to my wonderful friends house to enjoy!  Happy Birthday John Deere, you would be 208 years old today!  And of course I must give credit to Bakerella, who inspired the cupcake pops!John Deere Cake Pops