G Family

YES!  I am finally caught up on my blog, but I have 4 sessions this week so I think I’ll get behind real quick!  This family was awesome, they had so much patience with me because I…. dun dun dun.  FORGOT my battery.  A photography nightmare of mine.  Luckily my husband was down the street and bought me a new one.  Now I have a backup and that should NEVER happen again.  However I was so flustered after that, it kind of threw me off my game for the whole session.  Luckily I pulled through enough to get some cute shots.  Isn’t she a totally cute pregnant lady!  Love her, she just barely popped out enough to show!  It got me hungry to do a maternity shoot!… What do you say S?

R Family

This was the same day, same place as the last one, but the clouds came over, the sun went down more, and we had not sun spot problems.  The kids were playing shy at first but then they started to get more into it and show their true colors!  I think the funniest part in the editing room was mom and dad were always yelling “CHEESE” with there mouths open with the kids!  Also, when they walked through the trees I got shot by shot of little boy literally dragging throught the trees!  I almost ALMOST peed my pants in laughter looking through them!

G Family

This was a hard shoot for me.  Not because of the family or the children!  THEY were WONDERFUL!  But it was so dang sunny and those orchards let in lots and lots of sun spots.  To try to get each person lit the same was nearly impossible.  Its great to get experiences like these because then I can try to learn how to better deal with it the next time.  But it always makes me nervous for the end result of the families pictures. 

This picture of the girl is one of my favorites! She looks like a child model!

Fix Up Friday

This was a way fun session becuase I got to have a little fun in the editing!straight from the camera

M Family Mini Session

Do you think they would let me use their children as models whenever I want?  That was the question running through my head as I was editing.  I LOVED the colors picked by mom!  How could that rich purple NOT stand out among anything.  They were great sports and I don’t think there was a bad picture among them! The kids didn’t complain or cry once, they said cheese before I had even set up for the picture.  The only way I could narrow them down was because little cutie raised her hand every time I’d said “say____” so we went with the hands down pictures!  Even then I included one!  This family was fabulous.  Please let me do it again guys!

Mini Session Date Night

I love couples!  I love that they don’t cry (well sometimes the husbands might) and that you don’t have to get 6 people to all look at you and smile simultaneously.  This couple was fabulous!  He might hate me for sharing this but it was just too cute.  I was teasing him about hating this and just pretend they are getting married, when HE declared that once he found out they were doing this he look up other pictures online to be aware of poses!  Ladies, how awesome is that!  So fun!  I can’t wait to do their family pictures and see if his boys have great poses too!  I really didn’t have to babysit each placement of foot and hand so he really did his homework well, and it paid off!

Baby P

We have finally come full circle with my sister, maternity, hospital, newborn!  Hopefully we’ll get some of her family up here soon!  He ate most of the time, seriously, we would take a group of photos he would eat we would change his hat in process, take pictures, and then he would nurse again before we could move to the next.  This baby is going to be BIG, he was already born at 8lbs 15oz!

Friday Fix Up

The bar going through his head didn’t look very appealing, so I got rid of it and maybe gave him a little hair cut too!

J Family

This family was great.  There kids were SO well behaved, I might not have gotten them laughing, but they were NOT CRYING!  We had to reschedule because of rain, and it was still on the verge of raining during the shoot, but I was determined to get it done!  I love overcast days but we got VERY muddy at this location with the rain and they were all such good sports!  It days like this that make me LOVE photography.  Check out there little boy, I could just squish him.

Fix Up Friday

Her is another photo straight from the camera edited 2 different ways!