Fix Up Friday!

Why can photographers cost so much?  Well then spend hours of unseen time making your pictures look amazing!  Sometimes its fun to show what a difference you get after the editing process that makes it all worth it!

Photoshop Actions

Ice Cream Parlor Birthday Party

Check out this adorable Ice Cream Parlor Party over at I’m Topsy Turvy!  The coolest part about this blogger is she does EVERYTHING herself, the food, the labels… everything expect the photography, which I got to do!  The the best part about her is She is MY SISTER!  She is a crazy talented woman who threw herself her own birthday party before she has a new baby (in 5 days!).  If you go to her site she has tutorials for this AWESOME  Cake and Invitations .  She also has the templates for all the labels you see available.  Every detail is so cute, the water bottles, the mason jars, the toppings, so creative!  I enjoyed taking pictures of this party because its  not something I get to do very often and I like the learning experience!

Thank Heaven For little Girls

How can you resist this?  I can’t but maybe its just because these are my own girls and I am partial!  This was so fun, just a mommy daughter date having a tea party consisting of Marshmallows, crackers, and water!  My girls don’t usually like to pose for pictures (except when my 4 year old shows me what she thinks is a good picture pose, usually something very dramatic) so this was an easy way to get some picture of them without it being a big deal!  I love these girls so much, with there personality plus!  I wish I could capture every moment of their precious lives, even the crying ones!

Cute face

Tea Party

Little girls in orchard

Little girls walking

Baby Shower

A close friend was having a baby in July so I just had to do a Red, White, and Blue baby shower for her! She is such a close friend we both have girls around the same ages, and this third was a boy!  Since it was our first time living in the same area I was stoked to do a shower!  I think it turned out cute, perfect for a small, summer, outdoor, luncheon! 

M Family

I got the fun opportunity to meet another friend in photography, Kim, through our sites and within a week she was asking me to take some pictures of their extended family.  Now this was only my second large goup session and they make me a little nervous because there are a lot more people to place, you have to move fast for the kiddos, focus, and lighting eveyone!  Not to mention that I woke up totally sick that morning (I didn’t cancel becuase i just kept thinking I was just nauseous, but it turns out I had a 24 our bug that was spreading around).

You know what I noticed, when editing?  There are such different skin tones when you get into a big group, it makes coloring picures a little harder because if you want viberant colors you end up with a pink face in the group!  After playing around I think I finally got a good look!



S Baby

This little guys was amazing. He slept the entire time, I moved him all over the place, from basket to towel, to bed to seated position, he slept through it all. Mabye i should start focusing on newborns.  He seriously pooped once, and ate once, then spent the rest of the time being my little prop.

E Family

This was my first large family photoshoot.. Luckily it was my own Family, and we were camping so there was little expectations except to get a picture with all of us in it!  It was hot, and bright, and we did it in 15 min tops!  Not too painful!  Considering all those circumtances, I think they turned out about as good as possible!

K & N Engagements

Meet my gorgeous cousin!  She is the most amazing woman who I never thought could find someone her equal.  Meet her fiance!  He is wonderful and very deserving of her.  I was so excited to take there engagements because they were great sports and basically let me do whatever I wanted, and take as long as I wanted.  I love them so much and know they will be fabulously happy!

neck kisses


engagement pose

moment in the woods

holding hands

close up faces